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Question for You:

Can You Publish 100 videos in 90 days?

Let's work together to Amplify your efforts in the next three months.

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Month One:

Whether you are just getting started or trying to amplify your existing efforts, I'll show you exactly how I publish 10-20 videos per day, and how you can too.

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Month Two:

Now is time to exercise your content production muscles. Improve your workflow as we plan the next production wave that will bring you the best ROI.

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Month Three:

Time to measure your results, optimze your operations and plan for the next 90 days. Diversify and syndicate your content to reach a bigger audience.

More Details? Here's The Plan:

Amplifier Outline

Month One:

🧗 Target 1 - Getting Started

In the First Month, we meet for one hour to discuss targets 1-4, including setting objectives for your content creation future and establishing a 90-day plan.

🧠 Target 2 - Foundation

Starting, refreshing or repurposing a channel? Small optimizations to maximize immediate return. Develop Intro and Video #1 idea.

📜 Target 3 - Script

Develop a base script template (or bullet points) for your recordings. Plan a simple (but durable) dedicated recording area. Learn about the simplest video editor.

📷 Target 4 - Record

The sooner a new video is published, the better. None of this work matters if we never publish. Overcome mindset blocks and press the publish button.

Month Two:

⚙️ Target 1 - Publishing

In the Second Month, we meet for one hour to review the prior month's targets and discuss new goal, including creating and publishing more videos. 

💡 Target 2 - Research

Review content creation objectives and competition within niche. Identify and curate topic ideas for the next Big Five video set. Batch recording.

📑 Target 3 - Organization

Keep all of your titles, scripts and video assets organized. Teach your team to use and provide support so you can create more content quickly.

🧘🏼‍♂️ Target 4 - Getting Help

Onboard members of your current team or identify new sources of support for video editing, thumbnail creation, uploading and content management.

Month Three:

🌎 Target 1 - Diversify

In the Final Month, we meet for one hour to review the prior months, and discuss plans to expand to other forms of content (i.e., shorts, long-form).

⚖️ Target 2 - Niche

Refine your research and learn how to identify topics viewers want to see and the algorithm is serving. Develop a notification and follow system to follow trends.

🎯 Target 3 - Analyze

What do the analytics say about your content and how can we improve? Title, thumbnail, click-through-rate, retention curve and other metrics review.

🚀 Target 4 - Next 10 Videos

Define and create your next 10+ videos using the systems we built together. Transition to quarterly meetings with our next meeting in 90 days.


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Learn about the latest strategies and stay inspired as you create.

  • Group Strategy Call: One group call per month discussing the latest content-creation and firm operation strategies.
  • Group Q&A CallOne group call per month answering questions, reviewing videos and offering feedback.
  • Recording Library: All group calls are recorded and available for member access.
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Stay-on-track with individual coaching and channel-specific guidance.

  • ​Quarterly Coaching: one 30-minute individual coaching call every quarter.
  • Quarterly Lookback: Review marketing analytics and video performance from the prior quarter.
  • Idea Curation: Discuss content ideas and execution adjustments for the forthcoming quarter.
  • Individualized Feedback: Personal feedback on final videos and ideas for performance improvement.
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Visit for an annual intensive to meet new friends and plan your future together.

  • ​Annual Event: Travel to Arizona for an annual event in Q4 2023. Details TBD, likely in Scottsdale or Downtown, Phoenix.
  • New Year Planning: Review your yearly wins and start 2024 with a content plan to build upon your 2023 success.
  • Meet Friends: Bring your camera gear (or cell phone) and meet new friends, record interviews and plan for future collaborations.

Don't wait to


Immediate access to the YouTube Client Cash Machine Masterclass for Lawyers.
Including Lifetime access to the Full Mindmap (Pictured Below)

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Included in the 


Learn the basic content creation principles that will help your law firm generate C.A.S.H. using video.


CHOOSE the Right-Fit Clients

Identify the right-fit clients for your firm. Work with clients you enjoy working with on cases you enjoy working on. 


AWAKEN to their Desires

Gain understanding of your prospective client's concerns, personally, professionally and legally.


SERVE their Needs

Discover what your prospective clients are really seeking as they search for a lawyer and make sure you deliver.


Help them HIRE You

Build a system to convert online viewers into offline clients while delivering value every step of the way.


Bonus: Editing & Thumbnails

Learn how to use a powerful, extremely easy-to-use video editor and create highly clickable thumbnails.

This group helps Lawyers get REAL results.

What our members are ACTUALLY saying...

Bill C., Lawyer in Texas

Derek M., Lawyer in Illinois

frustrated-bro-png png

Does this sound like you?

You sometimes (or constantly) feel like...

  • ​YOU NEED TO START: You know you need to start sharing your message and creating content but don't know where to begin.
  • ​YOU HAVE TOO MANY IDEAS: You are bursting with ideas but have no structure to get them all out of your head.
  • YOU ARE ​WASTING TIME (AND MONEY): You are struggling with bad marketing investments and tired of seeing no results.

That's how I felt!

I wasted YEARS of time on dead end-strategies and THOUSANDS of dollars on bad marketing when trying to grow our firm.

When the pandemic hit, I knew I had to make a serious change or risk losing our entire business. I went virtual and jumped into content creation. Fast forward to today: I've been fortunate enough to have built an amazing channel with a thriving online community that has translated well into a fun and fulfilling offline law practice.

And now, I built this Community for other Lawyers so you don't have to suffer all the wasted effort I did while having fun creating a content-filled future for yourself, your family and your Firm.

I hope to see you soon as we Amplify your next 90 days!

Robert Gouveia, Esq.


Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know if this works for me?

This Community is best for coachable, high-agency entrepreneurs and team members who are ready to publish content. Success comes from following simple instructions consistently over a length of time. 
I will push you to publish, but only you can record.

 Can I attend virtually?

All meetings are virtual, except for the annual event, which will also be broadcast virtually.

 Can I add a team member from my Law Firm as well?

Yes! This program is focused on Amplifying one lawyer with the help of one law firm team member.

 When does this start?

Right now! After signing up, you will be granted immediate access to the YouTube Client C.A.S.H. Machine Masterclass. You will also be directed to a link to schedule both your first individual one-hour call ASAP and quarterly call in 90-days.

 What timezone are the calls?

Group calls are generally scheduled at 1pm Eastern Time mid-week and last one-hour. Calls are recorded and posted to your member portal.

 Do you accept refund requests?

Yes. For monthly payment options, a full, no-questions-asked refund is available for the initial monthly payment when requested within 7 days of the initial signup and before any scheduled meetings. Refund requests for annual payments will be honored on a pro-rated basis calculated by month. 

What if I can't attend a call?

Monthly group calls (Strategy Sessions and Q&A) are recorded and posted to the member portal. Individual Amplifier Monthly Calls are self-scheduled and can be rescheduled in the event of a conflict. 

What if I have other questions?

No problem!
Book a short 15-minute call with me here.

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Mailing Address: 
522 N. Central Ave. #1809
Phoenix, AZ 85001



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