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Hello, My Friends!

My name is Robert Gouveia.

I  help others Shine their Spotlight in our sometimes dark world.

In 2014, I started a criminal defense law firm. We help Good People charged with crimes find Safety, Clarity and Hope. We know that with Just Outcomes and Clean Records, people can be afforded Bright Futures.

In 2020 I published Beginning to Winning: How to Fight Your Case and Win in the Criminal Justice System (under my old last name). In it, I discussed the limitations of our criminal justice system and the need for more attorneys to rally against government overreach and prosecutorial malfeasance.

As the pandemic evolved, police moved beyond simply charging our clients and started knocking on the doors of gyms and hair salons.  It quickly became clear I needed to double-down on my own efforts and speak out against what was happening all around us.

Soon thereafter, the daily livestream Watching the Watchers Live was born. Every day, we shine our BIG, BEAUTIFUL SPOTLIGHT of Accountability and Transparency down upon our system with the Hope of finding Justice. Sometimes we find it. But when we don't, we Shine our voices down and demand it.

Since then, we've been blessed to have grown an amazing community of Free Thinking, Freedom Loving Friends, all Shining their own Spotlights and supporting one another.

I look forward to seeing you become a part of it!

Your Friend,

Robert Gouveia

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Mailing Address: 
522 N. Central Ave. #1809
Phoenix, AZ 85001



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